Fourth Open Mike at No. 3 Railroad Street: Dinner with Potluck Music!

We'll begin with FOOD! No, this is not a pot luck! Your No. 3 staff will cook up a great big dinner for you. Donations will be welcome, but no one will be watching, so, just come and enjoy.

And then, it can be your turn! Whether you are looking for a place to practice before hitting the world stage, or wanting to just try playing in front of other people, or wanting to show this audience what you could do if we'd just invite you out for a concert, we are the friendly group you seek.

Open Mike at No. 3 Railroad Street: Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Donations for the House

Doors Open at 6:00; Supper provided at 6:30; Music from 7:00 until ...

Visit the Photo Gallery for images of the second Open Mike on July 22, 2017. A few of them are reproduced below.

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