We would like to host your single or repeating event. Please look at the Calendar to see what dates and times are available.

Then please contact Mary Nouri at 706 340 1073 or marynouri at to discuss with her how No. 3 Railroad Street can fulfill your needs.

After talking with Mary, it is important that both parties confirm the date, time and other details of the event so that everyone's expectations are fulfilled. Please confirm!

If the event is to be an evening concert, after talking with Mary we need to make sure everyone has the same understanding of the details. Please download the Memorandum of Understanding and save it to your computer, then open it in a pdf reader or editor such as Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, then fill in the requested fields of information, then save the file to your computer, and finally email it as an attachment to Mary Nouri, marynouri at

Your browser may be configured to open the file within your brower or open it in an external pdf reader (you have the abilty to change that configuration). You will then be able to edit the file (fill in the requested fields of information) without saving it, but you will probably still have to save it to your computer in order to email it to Mary. Any questions, contact Glenn Galau at 706 207 8668.

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