No. 3 Railroad Street will be closed until further notice. I am sorry for the inconvience

Attached below is the letter which I received via certified mail during the hurricane weather on Monday of this week (11 September, 2017). Included in the letter is the first and only mention I have ever received re: PRP offering to lease me the parking in front of #3. That letter was the first I have heard that PRP has been allowing me to have a "free ride" by allowing my customers to park on their street. I have had no electricity since receiving this letter, which has meant that I have been unable to research any viable actions, let alone make decisions about a lease which I have not seen.

I therefore am unaware of any action I could take other than to close our doors. I am sorry.

Thank you and love to all who have been a part of this adventure.

Friday, 16 September, 2017

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